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Elite Sports

BodyPlus provides elite athletes and sports teams with periodical and longitudinal fitness monitoring and assessment solutions, including muscle activation level analysis, muscle fatigue monitoring, movement pattern detection, and cardiovascular assessments, etc. Through periodical and longitudinal monitoring, BodyPlus provides evidence for decision-making in altering training programmes, to reduce risk of injuries, prolong athletes’ career, and optimise performance.


BodyPlus provides solutions for rehabilitation facilities to assess treatment outcomes. BodyPlus muscle assessment is free from relatively subjective tests, or expensive devices, to enable doctors and therapists track patients’ rehabilitation progress, and modify treatment plans accordingly.

Fitness and Well-being

For fitness clubs and private studios, BodyPlus provides club management platform to establish their own course systems, collect data from clients, and implement precise operating strategies, to maintain market competitiveness.

Special Industries

For fire department, armed police, special force, and outdoor rescue teams, BodyPlus provides reliable location and vital signs monitoring solutions. Long-distance data transmission allows instant communication between units and individuals about personnel status, to enhance operation safety and effectiveness.